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Muffit 2005Muffit has had some bad luck finding a home… to no fault of his own. He started life as Leopard with a family that loved him enough to have professional photos done of him. This is one of them. And he is so photogenic, too. And cute. And a doll.

That family couldn’t keep him, though we don’t know why. He went to another home and was named Wheatie. When they couldn’t keep him, he went into rescue and CAWS got him, and in November of 2005, we fostered him for a couple of months. And we adored him, and wanted to keep him, but at the time we already had five dogs and didn’t think we should keep him in our home, so off he went to another family.

There he became Shiloh. He lived there for about a year and a half… maybe even two years. I even saw him once at a Dog Day when I was doing an agility demo. He seemed pretty happy, though over stimulated by all the dogs. He no longer seemed to have his fear aggression and I was glad he’s found a family with some kids who loved him.

Muffit And MeWell… January of 2008 when I was at the Clicker Expo, my husband got a call from CAWS. The Humane Society had scanned a dog and found he had a CAWS chip. It was Shiloh. He had been dumped at the Humane Society. And he spent two weeks there before they even scanned him for a chip. My husband ran that day and picked him up, because we all still loved him.

Tatum and MuffitHe was very sick, I have never before seen a dog with such a snotty, runny nose. He had stress induced colitis, and his diarrhea was pure liquid and crimson with blood. After four rounds of antibiotics we finally kicked his illnesses.

We don’t know why this poor boy has had such rotten luck. He is a sweet as can be, he loves to play with our other dogs, and he loves to snuggle on the couch or in bed. There’s not a mean bone in his body. He doesn’t like his toenails trimmed, and he gets too excited when he sees other dogs he wants to say hi to, but we are working on these issues.

And finally, he is in his forever home. We are keeping him. Didn’t matter we were then up to five dogs… we opened our home for a sixth. We are his fourth home.. and it’s the end of the homes for him. My husband said, when Muffit came back to our home in January, that he’s staying. And I didn’t argue. Muffit has been through too many homes and needs a loving place where he is wanted and where he will be worked with.

We called him Muffit back in 2005, it just seemed to fit him. It’s after the Original Battlestar Galactica mechanical dog named Muffit. And so again, at our house, he is Muffit. And it’s his last name.

Once he learns to be more calm around other dogs and different situations, I hope he will do some flyball. We love this boy with all our hearts. He was born, probably, around 2003, and his make up birthday is May 1, 2003.

Welcome home, Muffit.

6 thoughts on “Spicy Love Muffit – Muffit”

  1. I am truly amazed. I have 4 cats and 1 dog and my hands are full. I would love to have another dog but I refrain myself from it because I do not think I have enough time for it as I have a full-time 9am-6pm job. You have 6 dogs! I have no idea how you manage!

    Just Sharlenes last blog post..Pelud and Winter

    1. Hi Sharlene! We just barely manage. Most of our dogs are rescues that we’ve fallen in love with… foster dogs. Unfortunately we can’t foster anymore because we have too many. We try to give them as much attention as we can, and with my husband’s help we do a fair job. 🙂 I do agility, flyball and obedience with four of the six, so they get lots of activities!

  2. Muffit is probably sooo glad he ended up with you! All those buddies to play with and somebody who understands his needs. Good for you for being there when he needed you, I wish more people were like that.

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